We travel in a van, make games, and ask independent developers how they make theirs. Think Man Vs. Food meets Indie Game: The Movie.

Episode 3: Wreckingball Run

Picking up where Episode 2 left off, the gang gets a call from a mystery producer hoping to get a game made. Can the team help this mystery producer seem “hip”? In a short jaunt from Orlando to Baton Rouge, the team races against time trying to make a “cool” game.

Episode 2: Wizards of the East Coast

On this episode of Indie Van Game Jam we visit Phyken Media in Orlando, FL. On the way, we tackle the idea that a wrapper can transform a project from lame to game.

Episode 1: Rob Lach and Two Smoking Barrels

In the series premiere, the gang treks to Chicago, IL to visit Rob Lach. Rob is the eclectic creator of POP: ME1, a game that plays with genres, themes, and difficulty to deliver a very different experience to the player. In this vein, we try to subvert genre to see what effect it has on […]