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Binary Solo Acquires Hisato no Saku IP

Happy New Year! Before we look into 2023, we have one last announcement from 2022 that we can now share: Binary Solo is now the owner of the Hisato no Saku IP. Are you ready for hundreds of sequels, prequels, and spinoffs!?

We're not!

So what does this mean for 2023? Well, we've got a few plans for Hisato no Saku. Before Rhoq retired from gamedev we had achievements mostly finished. Priority number one is getting a build out with the achievements we made. From there: it's time to make it work on Steam Deck. That means two things: Get controller support in there and make it work on Mac and Linux.

Expect more formal announcements as these things come online. For now, I just wanted to wish Rhoq and everyone else a great 2023.

With Love,